“Cosmonaut LP” – Deuteronomy

By Patrick Donoghue

The “Cosmonaut LP” is the latest release by South Jersey rock band Deuteronomy. Merging Psuedo-Psychadelic Fuzz Rock with hard hitting riffs and subtle vocal hooks, the album goes from light to heavy without losing a beat.
From the rap rock influenced “A List of Demands,” to the slower piano riffs of “Shot Her Down,” the band shows versatility in style while keeping with their rock edge.
The following review is an explanation of each song, with segments explaining what I liked, what I didn’t like, what the song reminded me of, and some suggestions. Let’s put the needle to the record and get to it.


I mean no disrespect to the great musicians who made this album. My suggestions are just ideas and thoughts which I feel could enhance the popularity and sound of the LP.


Track Listing
1. Passion Abusers
2. A Brain in Solitude Bedecked With Elegant Sapphires and Kingly Platinum
3. A List of Demands (feat. Nicholas Alden)
4. Money and the Mouth
5. Especially Mad for You (feat. Nicholas Alden)
6. Things Left Unsaid
7. Shot Her Down
8. Especially Mad for You: Raw Version (Bonus Track)

1. Passion Abusers

This track features fuzz crunch guitar and a driving beat. The drums and guitar work together and build a tight background for the harmonized chorus, which eventually leads into a jamming breakdown.
I tapped my foot to this song and really dug the groove. The sped up tempo and fast, crunchy guitar helped this track become a great rock song. I also liked the reverb effects on the guitar in some parts.


2. A Brain in Solitude Bedecked With Elegant Sapphires and Kingly Platinum

This track has more jam out feel than the previous song. Once again, I could feel the energy throughout the whole song. I liked the riff. It reminded me of The Smashing Pumpkin’s “Gish.” The instruments were all very tight on this track and it was a fun listen. The guitar solo was a perfect compliment to the track’s feel.
I think that the track could benefit from a faster tempo, and in general a more “Gish” vibe. If it had a faster tempo and a little shorter play time it would be a much better track in my opinion.
I also found the lyrics a little lacking. If the lyrics could focus a little more on the title or the chorus it would be nice. The part about cardboard men leaving their hearts was really good but it wasn’t expanded at all it just went straight to another line which didn’t really finish the feeling of the lyrics.


3. A List of Demands
The beat that starts the song out is catchy and the guitar gives it nice rock feel. The rap is good, especially the line “Like Sinatra I get shit done.” For some reason that line stuck with me. The sung chorus is also a great compliment to the track and rap.

While it is a nice track and is performed well, it is a little bit of departure from the rest of the album. That is not a bad thing I am just mentioning it.


4. Money and the Mouth
The song starts with a steady riff, quickly building up the drums into a rocking groove. The chorus is catchy, and is one of the few tracks from this album I actually got stuck in my head.
About half way through the song breaks into a funkier bridge section with almost rap like vocals. The song then leaps into a guitar solo, which ends the track.

This is my favorite track off of the album. I like its steady tempo and catchy riff. I do not really have any critiques for this song.

5. Especially Mad for You (feat. Nicholas Alden)
The most popular track off this album and the most promoted song off this album does not disappoint. Starting with a harder rock riff and leading into a more chunky guitar style then the other songs, the track gives off a modern rock edge while taking cues from the retro style evident on the rest of the album.
The chorus has some great harmonies inside it. The final line contains a three part (maybe more) harmony. Some of the best vocals on the album are in the chorus of this song.

After a few drum fills the song kicks right into a shredding guitar solo. The solo is quick but powerful and ties right back into the main chord progression/riff.

The outro takes the main riff and slightly alters it, giving it a more edgy distortion sound before ending the song.

Once again, I don’t really have any critiques for this song. It is a little long but that does not matter.


6. Things Left Unsaid
Opening with a gritty two part guitar riff, this song keeps up the energy throughout its first verse. The guitar on this song is some of the most rocking guitar in the whole album. With a guitar solo right after the first verse, the pace is kept moving.
However, the energy is quickly killed when the song drops all sounds and goes into an extremely long drum solo at 1:17. The song is slowed down by the drum solo. It just kills the vibe. It is not the right song for the solo. If I had to suggest something I would say have one or two fills with minimum guitars. The complete ending of all other sound and all the guitars stopping just gives the song a weird, dead sound for almost a full minute. It’s a shame because the guitar and drum playing in the rest of the song is excellent.

In short, minimize the drum solo and keep a little guitar going to keep that energy flowing. If that was done the song would be one of the best on the album

7. Shot Her Down
The song opens with a light guitar riff before moving to steady bass and drum groove. The tempo is slower, but the band manages to keep the groove going. A steady piano riff sets the tone.
The bridge is a nice little interruption before the guitar solo. Once again, the solo is a great compliment to the song and sounds really good with its distortion.

The song, while slower, has a very nice groove and a more relaxing feel.


My favorite songs off the album were Money and the Mouth, Especially Mad for You, A List of Demands, and Things Left Unsaid (except the drum solo).

My only critique of the entire album is the vocal style. The reverb sounds good sometimes, but vocals on the songs all sounded alike technique wise. Mixing it up a little would really help the tracks stand out.

I recommend this album. It was a fun listen from start to finish. It is great to see some rock in a world submerged in sticky pop music, and the band is definitely going places.




The digital album is available on Spotify and Rhapsody.

The digital MP3 album is also available for purchase at the following sites:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/cosmonaut-lp/id955009771

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Cosmonaut-Lp-Explicit-Deuteronomy/dp/B00ROAQZ6W

Google Music: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Deuteronomy_Cosmonaut_Lp?id=Bj3cy3r76fr2mj3acjydgfnx2lm

Please check out the band’s website and show your support: http://www.deuteronomymusic.com/inner-circle-e-mail-list

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